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Check out surprise singing waiter videos and see the ultimate surprise in action. Watch as our singing waiters burst into an exciting & interactive performance that creates a truly unforgettable atmosphere for you & your wedding guests.

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The Groom Serenades his New Wife!

Don’t Blame It On Sunshine, Blame it on Singing Waiters!

Everyone up enjoying a rendition of New York, New York

More wedding party conga madness!

On your feet for Mr Brightside!

Working the dancefloor before the DJ has even started!

Happy singalong with everyone dancing to My Girl!

Bride leads the way in an awesome conga line!

Excited conga through a beautiful marquee wedding

Getting the dancefloor going in a beautiful marquee wedding

All aboard for a conga on the Love Train!

Singing Waiters get everyone joining in to a chorus of Wonderwall!