surprise singing waiters secret

4 Crafty Ways to Keep Surprise Singing Waiters Secret

You’ve taken the plunge and booked us to perform an amazing surprise for your other half and your wedding guests at the biggest day of your life. The moment we reveal ourselves to be singers is sure to bring a massive shock to everyone. This is one of the biggest draws to surprise wedding entertainment. If you’re like most people who’ve booked us months in advance, then chances are you’re wondering how to keep you singing waiters secret. We get asked this a lot, so we thought we’d provide a little list of top tips to keeping us under wraps till the big day.

1. Only speak with us by phone or online. Those of you living with your bride or groom-to-be need not worry that we’ll drop some paperwork through your letterbox. We don’t post anything. If you want to get hold of us and you’re accustomed to emailing, then write us a message. But what if you’ve a shared email account? In that case, then you could always set up a new one just for dealing with us. That way you can speak to us in your own time. Just remember to turn off notifications for your new secret email address though! The last thing you want is a message from us flashing up on screen in your partner’s presence! It’s a little sneaky but well worth it when you see your partner’s face at the moment of the reveal!

2. Use a family member or friend for payment. These days, many couples have shared bank accounts. If you’re one of those people, then perhaps you’ll find it challenging to explain a payment for wedding entertainment going out of the bank account! A clever way to get around this one is to use a trusted person to pay for you. We can accept payment by card over the phone or by bank transfer. If someone does it for you then you just repay them the cash & your other half will never know!

3. Be careful what you share on social media. Maybe we shouldn’t say this but don’t retweet us or share any of our posts on Facebook or Instagram. Sure, no-one’s going to notice if you follow our pages. However, interacting with what we share across our social media will eventually start showing up on your friends and loved one’s pages. Don’t give the game away – following us to see all the great things we share will be enough to get you excited till you’re married.

4. Trust us to do all the organising for you. If you’re thinking, “well, this is all well and good but how am I going to arrange this surprise with my wedding co-ordinator when my partner is always with me?!”, then don’t worry. We take care of everything for you. We liaise with your venue and fit around the order of your day. Our singers are so covert that even you won’t be able to spot which one is about to burst into song!

As you can see, keeping surprise singing waiters secret from your other half isn’t difficult. In fact, you might get a little kick out of keeping this surprise to yourself!

If you’re on your own and want to chat to us, then head on over to our contact page for the best ways to get in touch. If you don’t need to speak to us… well, why not check out our videos page to see how well the surprise worked for countless other newlyweds?