Cheering Bride Smiling at Wedding Guests

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

Hotel, Manor House, Local Club, Tepee, Marquee, Castle, Village Hall, Fishery, Restaurant and so many other options for you to pick the perfect wedding venue for your special day.

So your wedding plans start getting underway and you have the perfect date, but still haven’t found the right venue. You can spend months scratching your heads trying to compromise on the perfect venue. Is it the location your stuck on? Or maybe the cost is to high? Do you want a venue that has a personal meaning to you and your fiance? Here’s a few handy tips to help you with choosing your venue for your perfect day.

Wedding planners – Chat to a wedding planner. Don’t forget, they know the venues and what the space is capable of in keeping within your vision.

Set the tone – Find a venue that’s in keeping with the vision you want. For instance, if you’re wanting a large country style wedding then an inner city venue isn’t going to be for you!

Logistics and location – These go hand in hand, of course. The choice is yours but remember location is key in getting all of your important guests from A to B.

Costings and budgets – Remember that all venues have different costings attached to them. Some may require food to be included whilst some allow outside catering. Many will provide DJ’s as part of your package but some won’t. You might want a blank canvas and the venue prefer to do it their way or maybe you want the full package as soon as you book so you have very little to plan.

There is a lot to think about in choosing the right venue. There is no easy solution but making it memorable is as easy as saying ‘SSS’. Having Silver Service Singers at your wedding means you are guaranteed a memorable, unique & fun day wherever it is held!

No matter how near or how far, these guys will make it a day and night to remember!

And remember, it’s your day so it do it your way! Take a look at our singing waiter videos to see how fun your wedding can be with Silver Service Singers! Once you’ve got your venue, give us a call on 01942 590800 to discuss your party!